And in that Movement, I Was Free
This score can be done alone or with others. Find a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes. Place one hand near your heart and one hand on your abdomen. Focus on your breathing. Breath in and out for three deep breaths into your lungs then into your diagram. With each inhale, feel energy rising from your belly pit, creating space between every vertebra of your spine. With every exhale, feel the muscles in your body relax, like water flowing down a waterfall.
Let your mind wander to a movement memory from the past when you felt free, a time when this movement allowed you to feel a sense of liberation and wonder.   Where were you?  What were you doing?  Were you alone?  Were there others with you? How did your relationships with others affect the movement memories?
Remember with your senses.
•What did the air smell like?
•What did the air taste like?
•What did the ground feel like? 
•What sounds did you hear?
•What did your body feel like?
•What did your spirit feel like?
With eyes closed, take ten minutes to let yourself explore this space and experience the movement in your memory. 
Open your eyes and document what you experienced. You may do this by writing, recording your spoken audio, or drawing. Describe what it felt like to be in that moment from your body’s perspective.  We will then share our movement memories with one another.

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