Familiar Places Revisited
This exercise is a solo practice. Choose a space that you feel connected to, a familiar space such as a park you visited as a child, playground, or natural environmentSit within the space. Take in the space.  

Where are you?  What did you use this for in the past?  Who had access to this space?  What does this space mean to you?  How do you interact with others in this space?  How do you usually move through  this space?
Inhabit the space the way you do every day. Move through the space. Walk through the space. Touch the space. Document your findings.
Notice:   patterns of movement
                     parts of the space you touch
                              posture of the body 
                                             the tempo your body moves
                                                          the way your body reacts to other people’s bodies 
Move in new ways that challenge the patterns discovered above.
                Suggestions:   Move throughout space in new patterns of movement
                                              Explore opposite movements from what you do everyday
                                                               Let different parts of your body touch the surfaces of the space
                                                                        Transform the posture of your body as you move
                                                                                          Change the tempo of your body as it moves
Share observations and discoveries.

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