A Handheld Object (Mixing Bowls)
This exercise can be done alone or with others. You can substitute any other hand-held object for the mixing bowl.  You will need a pen and paper. 
Observe the stainless-steel mixing bowl placed in front you. Write down your observations.       
What is the function of the object?                                                                               What material is it made from?                                                                           Where was this material sourced?                                                                                  What labor went into making the object?                                                                                
Close your eyes and hold the object in your hands. Write down words that describes what you observe. 
How does it feel in your hands?                                                                          What does the surface feel like?                                                                                                                                                                              
Manipulate the object in a normal way. Write down words that describes what you observe. 
How does your body feel when you move it?                                                                  Your fingers, hands, arms?                                                                                             What actions do you feel compelled to do and why?
Manipulate the object in the opposite way you are accustomed.
Suggestions: Turn it upside down. Turn it sideways.  Spin it. Push it. Hug it. Drape your body on it. Lie on your back and balance it with your feet. 
Share your movement exploration and observations with others. 
Break up into groups. Explore the objects together. Let the objects interact and bounce off one another. You may document work with video or audio and write down your observations. Share your movement exploration and written observations with others.

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