Amanda Boggs
Amanda is an embodied practice artist based in Western Massachusetts with a focus on socially conscious art making. Starting from a childhood of climbing towering Magnolia trees, playing highly competitive sports, and dancing for hours in DC nightclubs, movement has always been the way she has connected with the people and the world around her.  She works in the mediums of performance, video, photography, and written score, often collaborating with dancers, poets, and choreographers. Amanda acknowledge movement as a form of embodied knowledge, a product of lived experiences that reside within the body. Her  work builds upon a background in somatic based practices including dance and mind/body centering, in conjunction with principles of Eastern Philosophy.  At the heart of Amanda's creative practice lies a curiosity about discovering new ways of moving through the world. She asks how movement can create a “new shape” and shift what we embody.
Over the past three years, Amanda’s work has appeared at the UMass Herter Gallery, SAB Gallery, and NYPOP Gallery. She was named 2021 fellow for the UMass Interdisciplinary Seminar in 2019. Amanda received her BA from Amherst College in Cultural Anthropology and Fine Arts in 1996 and a MFA in Studio Arts from University of Massachusetts in 2020. 
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